R v. J.H.2015Section 811Peace BondCharges dismissed
R v. O.2015Section 264.1(1)Uttering threatsCharges withdrawn
R .v. P2016Section 266Assault and uttering threatsCharges withdrawn
R .v. E.2016Section 266 and 267Assault and assault with a weaponCharges withdrawn
R .v. O2016Section 270 and 430(4)Assault of a peace officer and mischiefCharges withdrawn
R .v. H2017Sections 267(a), 267(b), 145(2)(b), 270(1)(a), 175(1)(a), 145(3), 145(3), 4(1)-Assault with a weapon-assault causing bodily harm-fail to attend court-assaulting a peace officer-Causing a disturbance by fighting-Fail to comply with recognizance-Fail to comply with recognizance-possession of substanceCharges withdrawn
R .v. B2017Section 86(1)Careless use of firearmCharges dismissed
R .v. J2017Section 264.1(1)(a)Uttering threatsCharges dismissed
R .v. K2017Section 253Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI)Curative discharge
R .v. Y2017Section 811Peace BondCharge dismissed
R .v. R2017Section 334(b)Theft under $5,000 and possession of stolen goodsCharges withdrawn
R. v. A.E2018Section 364(1) Section342(1)(c) x4 Section 342.01Fraudulently obtaining food or lodgingUse and possession of stolen and counterfeit credit cardPossession of equipment to make credit cardsAcquitted of all charges
R. v. Z2018Section 266Section 264.1(1)(a)x4   Section 249(1)(b)  Section 253(1)(a)Assault Uttering threats to cause bodily harm or deathDangerous operation of a vessel  Impaired by alcohol or combination thereofCharges withdrawn
R. v. K2017Section 253(1)(a) Section 253(1)(b)     Section 4(1) CDSAImpaired care and control by alcoholImpaired care and control over mg% of alcohol in 100ml of blood Possession schedule II: Cannabis ResinCharges dismissed
R .v. T2017Charges withdrawn